Corporate skiing


Moscow Region



Right after the end of the winter holidays, employees of a large building materials holding company and their family members took part in the corporate ski competition.
At the entrance, all the guests were greeted with warming winter cocktails and drinks, the host and animators arranged active competitions and games, while in special locker rooms the participants of the race were provided with all necessary sports equipment.

The event was divided into several stages and zones:

•    Sport competition for skiers
•    Competitions for all the guests
•    Winners reward ceremony
•    Delicious lunch in the tent

Sport competition was a ski race on a certain distance on a specially prepared track. During the men and women races, animators of «Family and kids» zone organized an interactive program for fans and their families. In the open-air, bend for tubing, making paintings on the snow, snow shooting range, speed modeling of snow Olympic sports idols were organized.

After a busy and energetic day, the jury summed up the results of the competitions, and the ceremony of awarding and a delicious buffet dinner started.