«Engine of Growth»





«Engine of Growth» is the name of 5-days distribution conference of a large pharmaceutical company, which was held in September 2016 in Sochi.  600 experts from all regional branches of the company were united there for making a real professional breakthrough in their work.

To up on level, to find hidden resources in their selves, to accumulate the experience and understand the area of its application – these were tasks that faced each participant. Under our responsibility – the motivating, rich semantic program with a single message: «You can! Move forward! Develop!»

We made for the company two outstanding teambuildings. One of them was held on the legendary track of «Formula-1», where the participants was inspired with the real speed and tried to gathered speed on the unique designer cars. Another one was lasted for all two days of the conference: the scenery, camera, action and pharmacists became professional bloggers sharing with the audience their energy, creativity and positive for further productive work.

Short deadlines, a huge flow of information, large teams, where few people know each other…At one moment participants lost their faith in success, but they did it – proved to everyone and most importantly to their selves that they can gather, reach an agreement, come up with and present brilliant ideas! Confident, creative, picking up new knowledge quickly – that’s how we saw our clients.

They were working for improving themselves and we were helping them by adding visual stimulators: brand parade as an exhibition of unique posters with augmented reality (special mobile application showed what was not visible on the usual picture); photographing, where everyone became part of a huge company logo; and the perpetual motion machine that appeared from time to time - several static details that were waiting for their time to come into effect!

Gala-dinner, muted light, awarding the best employees of the year, and the engine comes to life. Thanks to their energy and efforts, their personal and team successes they managed to drive the perpetual motion machine out of standstill and taught it how to work. 600 people, dispersed their internal engine to the maximum - this is our main victory!