New Year's TV


Moscow, LOFT#1



Employees of the Operational Department of one of the leading Russian banks were invited to a live broadcast. The fact is that a unique corporate TV channel, where the employees themselves became stars, began broadcasting on the pre-New Year's holiday.

Long before the event, the school of television began its work. After all, any sensations and discoveries are often a result of competent director's approach and hours of training. Three special dishes of the New Year program began to be prepared in the "TV kitchen": the projects "Dancing", "Voice" and "Сomedy".

The main director and scriptwriter of the event created several variants of program, proceeding from the participants' applications for this or that "Show", so that the participants could choose something of their own (according to the level of the participant's preparation, his wishes and preferences). Also, we prepared unique costumes and produced images for all the «Stars» .

Upon arrival in the hall of celebration, the presenter already got know all the guests and magnifically performed as a cheerful journalist who broke through all obstacles to take a unique interview with the guests.

In Welcome zone guests had an opportunity to be on the stage and become the presenter of the "Weather Forecast". There was a hromakey behind them, guests just needed to stand in appropriate pose. A small surprise - what background will be on their photos, the participants learned only after the photo was printed. But, we assure you, the weather was great everywhere!

The most long-awaited moment at the New Year's Eve for the employees was, of course, the moment when their activity, their work during the year, was appreciated. In the prime time on the main channel of the company the best voices of the employees sounded! We wanted everyone in the hall to sing and they sang! Potpourri from the prepared  Show "Dancing" programs blew everyone’s mind. After the «Dancing» nobody managed to sit still – it was time to hit the dance floor together with the headliner of the evening - the music group "Plasma"!