Sports festival


Moscow Region



For several years employees of the large uranium holding company have been organizing a sport festival -  the grandiose corporate competition in strength, cohesion and dexterity. Since the first festival the general rules have been established and a list of sports disciplines (such as futsal, volleyball, kettlebell lifting, table tennis, chess and several others) have been formed.

Sports festival annually unites all participants for achievement the great goal: attracting people to the regular exercises, sport and healthy lifestyle. And this time it was organized with the same care and accuracy as the real professional competitions. There was the same excitement on the sport grounds, sportsmen had been preparing for the competitions a long before the festival to show their mastery.

The reward was not the points or applause but colorful feathers of the magical phoenix bird shining with a dazzling brilliance! Phoenix, immortal, inspiring to feats and accomplishments even after failures and defeats, had been chosen as a symbol of the festival!

And our sportsmen showed their best! The «sparks» of excitement and genuine desire to win were cast into cups and medals.

We hope that a small torch of victory each took with him in his heart to warm and work with enthusiasm and "spark"! Energy, team spirit and professionalism – three elements, thanks to which there could not be any loser under any circumstances!

Specially for this company an incredible quest was organized in the «Apple Garden». Legend of the quest said that the unique meteorite, the part of the unknown planet, had fallen somewhere nearby on the Earth. During primary research the meteorite had showed a colossal positive energy, enclosed in the structure of the stone.

This discovery had given tremendous prospects for the development of science and industry ... But the meteorite had disappeared right from the laboratory, so a much-needed breakthrough might not have happened. The only people who could find a mineral were those who have certain qualities that, as it turned out, completely coincided with the values of the company! Participants only had to prove that they have all these qualities, go through all the tasks and collect the components of the mineral.

The tasks were completed, but - the story was not over! Small, similar to glass, pebbles - not a whole stone at all! In the end, the participants of the adventure passed their findings to the «scientist», who, in front of everyone, experimented and connected a multitude of pieces into one in a fascinating show full of smoke and mystery! So, The victory! And the moral of this story was simple - common values and ideals help all employees of the company to become a single monolith, which has unprecedented strength for accomplishing breakthroughs and labor exploits!