Homeland of Ferrary





Milan is the second largest city in Italy, business and industrial center of the country, where the boards of the biggest monopolies, banks, stock exchanges. It is in Milan that there are world famous corporations, like Pirelli, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari brand. The Ferrari museum, revealing the history of racing and sports cars, was the main purpose of this trip. All participants had been waiting forward to the tast-drive on the famous luxury cars.

One of the best hotels in Milan, elegant Hilton Milan Hotel 4* with executive lounge and open terrace, was chosen for accommodation. After resting, on the second day guests went for a sightseeing tour around the city on the historic tram, that gave them several unforgettable hours filled with vivid impressions, the beauty of architectural monuments and the grandeur of the history of the city. The cultural significance of the historical and architectural monuments and museums of Milan can’t be overestimated. Among them the dismal Sforza Castle can be noted. With its museums and the symbol of the city, the Dome Cathedral, is the most significant work of the Gothic art in Europe.

After the tour group went on the master class on making original Italian pizza. After all, learning the secrets of preparing local dish and feeling yourself as a professional Pizzaiolo is an opportunity not to be missed!

The day finished with delicious dinner in the Nabucco restaurant, where guests spent all fantastic evening enjoying the food and the beauty of interior. The restaurant itself has a bright personality, its interior is dedicated to Verdi Nabuco's Opera, a scene from which one can see on the wall in the form of a colossal reproduction.

The next part of trip was Verona – one the most beautiful cities of Italy. Verona can compete with Paris for the status of the most romantic city in the world. After all, according to the play of Shakespeare, here the events of the story of the biggest woe were occurred – the story about the tragic love of Romeo and Juliet. In this town in the world scenery and historical costumes the shooting of a corporate film began. Disc with a film on it was given as a gift to every participant of a trip.

In the end of the trip, the long-awaited test drive of Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini cars, a visit to the Ferrari museum, and, of course, a photo session with these not just vehicles, but a real luxury cars took place. For especially active guests, a quest with a Ferrari theme was invented and conducted.