The treasure of the Switzerland





What is Switzerland? It is rich country, the main treasures of which were shown to the clients of our company…
The first treasure is nature. The group was placed in the luxurious hotel Kulm St Moritz, which was opened in 1856 by Johannes Badrutt, the man who initiated the winter mountain tourism. Since the opening, Kulm Hotel has an atmosphere of elegance and tradition. In all rooms guests can see the magnificent view. Rooms on the south side have a views of the lake St Moritz. And the rooms on the north side have views of the majestic southern slopes of the Piz-Nair peak and other sights of the Korviglia region.

The second treasure is tasty food. The participants of the trip not only took part in unique Gurman Safafry by visiting 5 restaurants in one evening, but also became chefs themselves! Guests participated in a master class on cooking Japanese cuisine under the guidance of the famous chef, and, of course spent the evening with a cheese maker during a wine and cheese tasting.

The third treasure is mountain slopes. Admire the mountains, but not to visit them in Switzerland is a crime that we could not allow our guests to commit. That’s why we offered them a big list of winter activities: curling, sledding, walking in the mountains in snowshoes.

Other treasures. In one of the days a trip to Bad Ragaz, a year-round mountain resort, located in the valley of the Rhine, in the north-east Switzerland, was organized. It is famous for its thermal springs in the Tamina gorge. For the residence the famous hotel Resort Ragaz 5 *, an architectural masterpiece and one of the most beautiful buildings of Bad Ragaz, was chosen.The building of the hotel is known since 1774, when the government residence was located here. Today it is a luxury hotel, where, in addition to exquisite rooms and excellent service, a range of wellness treatments, including a thermal complex, is offered.