«The Code of Success»





Corporate quest, which as well as possible can reflect corporate values of the company: five elements symbolizing the aspirations and life of the company. The concept of the quest allowed participants to plunge into the mystery and meet the members of secret society, guardians of the elements.

Several days before the quest, participants received a letter from Robert Langdon (character of the Dan Brown’s books), who came to Moscow to find the ancient artifact of all elements… According to the legend it brings luck to its owner. Robert asked for help from his old friends and told the place and time of the meeting, as well as some details of the search.

Arrived at the venue on the day of the event, the participants were divided into teams, received briefing, badges from a special vessel, map of the area and Robert Langdon's notebook. The notebook included extracts from ancient documents, with the help of which participants should have searched for an artifact. Participants solved logic puzzles and ciphers, met secretaries and passed all the tests.

After all the teams gathered near the tent the final task began, as a result, the chest with bandanas and cards were found. In the cards, cryptic phrases, which were part of the «The Code of Success», were written. Phrases were chanted into the microphone, loud and coherent. After that, to the song «Smile» of the Iowa music group participants took part in a grand flash mob (synchronized dance) and then lined up in a giant color logo of 6 petals-values. All that was shooting from above with the help of a drone with a built-in camera.

In the tent during the barbecue captains of the teams received "Certificates of Value", and the musical and entertainment program started. Cover band performed and interactive contests were held in pauses.

In the final, 300 balloons were simultaneously launched in the air, each of which carried the dreams of employees about working in the company and its success.

Evening ended with a disco from a DJ.