Culinary battle





In honor of the birthday of the large building materials company the real culinary battle was organized! The goal was to make a real feast, so that the wine flowed as a river, the most delicious dishes and incredible desserts were served in huge portions! This ambitious idea was realized at our best. And everything that was prepared at this festive feast was the work of the employees themselves!
To our services there were four huge creative areas in the culinary studio, great chefs, real charismatic Italians, who not only did their work excellently, but at the same time perfectly sang! And, of course, the freshest delicious products, dreamed to fall into the hands of the guests and turn into culinary masterpieces.

The whole evening guests could feel kind and welcoming atmosphere of Italy. Participants were divided into 4 teams, which were named after famous Italian cities and regions, where those dishes that were in the evening menu are considered traditional: Abruzzo, Genoa, Tuscany, Florence ... Romance!
3 magical hours in the culinary studio, 3 delicious dishes prepared under the guidance of real professionals, fantastic impressions, emotions and photos and that is not all!
Among the employees of the company the expert jury was chosen. Their duties included visiting all the studios, the corners of Italy, to enjoy the creative presentation of dishes and, of course, their taste. The evaluation criteria were both the originality of the presentation, the creative design, and the preparation in time. It was a real festival: participants welcomed jury with loud songs and impromptu scenes!
In the end of the evening all guests were united into one location to get honored diplomas and cups in accordance with the awarded place! By the way, this evening became a beginning of the new family history: in this warm and joyful atmosphere one employee of the company decided to propose to his colleague, and she could not refuse!
After all, not for nothing Russian proverb says that «the way to love is through the stomach»!