Yacht race


Moscow Region



Favorite summer team building is a corporate regatta! White yachts, open water, romance of the sailor’s life and colorful summer decorations left a lasting impression on the participants of the show!

A company whose activities are directly related to the production of paints, painted one of the summer days with such a unique adventure. Location - Klias’menskoe artificial lake.

As soon as guests arrived at the place, they were welcomed by presenter, funny captain, who immediately divided the participants to the teams, offering them to pull out papers with the names of yachts from the bottle.

The crews had only to come up with a slogan, and there was no limit to creative! Then all teams had detailed instructions: how the yacht is arranged, the rules of sailing races and, of course, safety.

As a training session, a test race without considering the indicators was conducted. The purpose of this race was to allow the teams to evaluate the acquired skills and develop a team strategy. And after that competitions started! Three races, according to which the judging boat determined the winners, and then - the final race.

Despite the apparent complexity of the process, yachting brought the participants only pleasure and comfort, because the regatta does not require any preliminary preparation and professional yachtsmen were on the yachts.

All teams received diplomas for the victory in comic nominations, and the winners got the certificates for the main places. At the end of the main part of teambuilding, the capitan met the guests in the tent and offered to celebrate the success by joining a delicious barbecue party where he happily shared a couple of seaman's entertainments.

Excellent day ended with a disco.