Orange is not just a vivid color but also a sacral color-symbol. A symbol of truly successful people. Symbol of the optimists, who achieve the set goals and objectives, despite all the obstacles. Cheerful and impulsive… Talented and creative…They accumulate sun energy and generously share it with others, creating the feeling of well-being and euphoria. They are not afraid of changes and ready to change themselves and the world for the better.

In the building, the guests, in the truest sense of the word, immersed into the «orange mood», which was created with a help of decor elements: installations of real mandarins and New Year attributes...

Entertainment zones as a part of welcome party did not let the guests to get bored in expectation of the official start of the evening! The screen «You are our everything!» allowed anyone to get a lot of flattering reviews and epithets in their address. «Bubbles" with various funny inscriptions: «The main value of the Company», «Genius of Energy» appeared against the background. Photo immediately posted in Instagram with the #orange+ hashtag. Also, the center of special attention was a stylish photozone with amusing tantamaresques - silhouettes of the Company's employees, in a new, orange uniform. By complementing the image with accessories, everyone could feel like a «corporate modeler» or "model». The photo was printed and posted in the Instagram.

In the buffet «Sunny gastronomy» all the snacks were performed in the colors of the event. Here everyone could try himself in creating unique cocktails based on drinks that contain the ingredients of the main fruit of the evening! One of the interactive zone was conceptual chemical laboratory that offers the most incredible beverages and snacks.

Everyone sat at the tables, there was a calm music playing in the hall, New Year screensavers were shown on the screens. Suddenly, the light went out, as if there was a break in the supply of energy... It caused the expected reaction of the guests - confusion, a growing rumble of voices ... Then the darkness literally was ripped by one electrical discharge, then another ... Fantastic «Tesla Show» opened the evening program, symbolizing the generation of energy, which was enough to make the screens flare again and the ceremony got its continuation!

Later, when the official part of the event was finished, the light went out again and a laser show began, telling about the transformation of the holding into a group of companies. The final chord of the festive evening program was a «cake show». The appearance of a grandiose cake (according to its size and design) was preceded by a dynamic light and confetti show. «Sweet pause», smoothly turning into the final disco, completed the brightest celebration!