International Woman's Day





«Flower garden» is an accurate metaphor to describe beauty of women. Indeed, women are like flowers. Some demand a special care, others easily can prick a beau, but all of them create a comfort and decorate the place in which they found themselves. The flowers, as delightful as women, became an inspiration for the new concept of International Woman’s Day in the office of the large company.
Organization began several weeks before the event. Cameramen and photographer came to office.
Under the pretense of corporate film shooting, without attracting attention, they imprinted the female part of the office. Thus, a pleasant surprise, a bright holiday movie, was created.

On the day of the event, the guests were greeted by youths - hostesses in tailcoats and bow ties, and, of course, with baskets of flowers. They invited the ladies to pass the test «What kind of flower are you?» on the iPad. Answered several simple questions, woman received an answer, for example, «You are a Rose», after which a charming young man handed her the appropriate flower.

The melodies of the musical duo of electric harps sounded in the spring-decorated foyer, the ball of colors began. Florists and decorators managed to surround guests with wonderful kinds of flora. Flower press wall became a place for creating excellent photographs; columns, decorated with flower prints, baskets of flowers and beautiful orchids at a specially organized exhibition, created the illusion of a flowering garden! The photographer could not miss the joyful smiles and let out the "Polaroid", thanks to which the photos of the girls appeared instantly.

We added some accessories. Florists created aromatic boutonnieres for the wrist of every lady, and professional perfumers mixed unique individual scents relying on the desires of every guest.
And that's not all: here, in the foyer, a bar with berry smoothies and cocktails, an exhibition of stunning jewels and an exposition of rare and unusual flowers were organized. Guests enjoyed the amazing exposition of things that women love.

And here's the surprise! Right before the beginning of the official part of the event, a video clip with photos and video of the life of the company's employees appeared on the screen.

The holiday itself began in the hall with the performance of the eccentric dance theater «Star Express». In their repertoire were unique dance material, decorated with colorful costumes - real works of art.

The day continued with a mirror show, a duet of violinists accompanied by light effects and the winner of the project «Minute of Glory», creating amazing images for musical accompaniment.
Mirror suits, laser effects, all the flickering props - everything was sustained in the stylistics of a futuristic flower garden.

The flower party finished with a fashion show, where guests could see cloth and accessories made of real plants and flowers. Beautiful and exquisitely! Not all men can speak about their feelings, flowers and music helped them that day! The leader presented two artists who could manage this magical power and finished the holiday on an enthusiastic note: they were Avraam Russo and Alexei Kortnev with the band «Neschastniy sluchai».