Autumn Lisbon





Portugal is the westernmost state in continental Europe.

Penha Longa Hotel & Golf Resort, which dates to the 14th century and is part of the chain of The Leading Hotels of the World, was chosen for this trip. It’s located among the hills of the Sintra Cascais Reserve and occupies an elegant palazzo-style building. The hotel has a golf course and a modern spa area of 1500 square meters.

Portugal is the westernmost state in continental Europe. The European continent breaks off at Cape Roca not far from the city, and beyond it only the boundless Atlantic Ocean extends.

A tour of the city acquainted the guests with the former greatness of one of the richest empires of the 16th-18th centuries; the history of The Age of Discovery and its heroes; luxury of the royal court and the rashly impoverishment of the country after the catastrophe of 1755 and the invasion of the Napoleon’s army. Nevertheless, in Lisbon at every step you can find reminders about the imperial past of the city: the imperial cathedrals, elegant palaces, pompous monuments to kings and marquises. The tour ended with the lunch in a restaurant with ocean view.

The next part of the trip included visiting the «Estoril» raceway and the qualifying race with the professional racing team! After enjoying the speed and the skills of the pilots, group with racers went to dinner in the Viuva Gomes winery.
The dinner on the veranda overlooking the ocean in the best fish restaurant in the Portugal «Furnas do Guincho», which offered the guests all kinds of Mediterranean delicacies.