The Book of Records





Company, the leading producer of the cleaning equipment, has long relied on the employees. Thanks to their persistence, striving for perfection and professional skills company manages to keep up with the times, achieve new goals, expand and build grandiose plans for the future that will allow both children and grandsons of today's employees to follow in their footsteps! Traditional family day became the favorite event in this company. Those summer they «wrote the Book of Records» officially declaring the unprecedented potential of their abilities! What is their strength? Strength is in unity!

Moscow Country Club, a country hotel and at the same time an international class golf club in an ecological area of the Moscow region, was chosen as a place to set records.

Program of the day started in 13:00 with an acquaintance with the active and interesting zones: the animators created an excellent mood, registered visitors, presented sets for the participant of the event and conducted a mini-excursion. Location had several zones: zone for the smallest guests, for active competitions, board games and demo-zone with the demonstration of the company’s equipment, thanks to which relatives and children of employees could find out what they do at work.

Event started with a great performance: football freestyle! Then the announcer suggested everyone to start! The Book of records was opened for the winners! Those day the follow records were registered:

-    the largest number of the goals in football;
-    the longest dribbling;
-    the most powerful serve in volleyball;
-    the fastest time in running with obstacles;
-    record time of holding the barbell;
-    record time of holding the girl in arms;
-    the largest number of pies, eaten in 30 seconds;
-    the fastest victory in chess and many, many other records.

Registration in the new legendary Book of Records began with a creative dance flashmob, in which everyone participated! Then announcer said the records and achievements of the day, every record holder received deserved gifts, medals and certificates, leaving their personal signatures in The Book of Records. In the end of the ceremony the drummers from the famous show-group came on the stage with an incendiary number full of special effects. The records were set to be beaten the next year!