Family Day


Moscow region, Zhukovsky



Incredible country «Igromania» put moms, dads and children together to celebrate the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity. «Igromania»  was a gigantic, bright entertainment complex for passing family relay races. Every family was a unique crew, in which everyone, even the youngest children, became pilots.The homework for each family was the development of a beautiful interesting uniform for their crew.

«Airoports» – the activity zones of country «Igromania» opened their doors for the teams inviting them to the different entertaining and sporting territories: football and volleyball zone, streetball court, relay for the whole family «Big race» with inflatable props, area for the application of the GTO standards (which included push-ups, jumps in length, weight, jump rope and etc.), zones for Russian game «Gorodki», petanque, croquet, mini-golf and much more.

In free time participants with big pleasure made fotos in the photo booths using cheerful props, and instantly received images for the memory.

The zone «Runway» - a stage, where the opening ceremony was held, the congratulatory speech of the management was sounded, pre-flight physical jerks and flash mob «launch of turbines» took place! Crews «went up in the air» and went on conquering the horizons!

The youngest members of the crew were under the care of sensitive animators, who conducted a fun animated program with them. Sandbox, trampoline and face painting were also organized for kids. The photographer didn’t miss a single smile!

In the zone «Airport Resort» there were comfortable bean bags, where guests could rest.
In the same place, everyone could play Frisbee or badminton, or took part  in a master class on creating and launching a kite.

All member of the crews and all supporters received memorable prizes and gifts.