New Year's Ball Masquerade





As a thank you for outstanding work activity, the management of the insurance company invited its elite to a grandiose masquerade ball, which was held in the best traditions of a rout. At this New Year's Eve we were transported to the elegant era of the Renaissance and Classicism, full of grace, fun, refined classics and perfect harmony of action ...

Luxury hall «Place de Paris», which was stylized as the square of the European capital turned New Year's Eve of the insurance agents into dreamlike celebration. The interior of the hall transferred us on the French streets and it was not accidental! It was in France that a tradition was born to hold social parties and convene important guests.

At the entrance guests were met by interactive characters – beautiful ladies and gentlemen dressed in the best traditions of the ball. Fancy-dressed hostesses made photos with guests, entertaining them and not letting them get bored, and also gave out to the guests carnival props for the traditional New Year's Eve in sunny Venice: wigs, masks, pompous ties… In the welcome zone guests could also see living sculptures. In the role of living sculptures were professional actors, resembling suddenly revived statues. Almost still colorful images help the guest to get a vibe on the ball. The artist silhouette in a few minutes created a portrait of the paper for everyone.
Moreover, there was a photon in the form of a branded press wall with an installed interactive carriage. There was a feeling that the guests came to the ball in a real carriage. It was also possible for guests to attend a master class on creating carnival masks and fans, as well as master class on communicating with the help of a fan. Few know, but there is a common language of communication with the help of a fan at the ball! If the fan in the left hand, it means that lady wants to dance, and if in the right – she will refuse from the dance.

Of course, every person would like to know what awaits him in the New Year! The fortuneteller, who can see the future in the drawings of the petals of roses, helped guests to find the answers to all the questions.

Ball in the first place associates, of course, with dances. And unlike the ancient balls, at our celebration lack of ability to dance was not a problem! During the musical, dancing pauses choreographers, masters of different style of dances, were working. A highlight of the holiday was a grandiose musical premiere -  a magnificent ballroom dance by professional dancers, that was dedicated to the company! The program included a wow band of elegant violinists dressed in matching outfits, a dynamic drum show, music cover band exits, and interactive games from the presenter.
Celebration continued with energetic disco. DJ combined modern melodies in colorful, energy mix, in which sometimes one could hear famous classical compositions. Fantastic masks danced in the lights of the soffits… Grandiose fun became more vivid and dynamic... Here comes the New Year! It marked the beginning of a new path, new achievements, new hopes and new successes!