Try your luck!

We invited the employees of the company into the Closed VIP Club. Club is, first of all, a place for meeting like-minded people and friends, whose inquisitive minds are looking for intellectual and gambling recreation. Every guest could feel the special atmosphere and attitude to his person, because for all members of the club worked elite gambling entertainment: races, master classes, intellectual games and other activities. Program was completely oriented on the place  -  historical casino «Golden Palace».

Specially for the event a thousand-thousand circulation of branded fan-bills with individual design was issued and thematic photons (press wall with the image of races and the Chromakey zone for instant photomontage) were created. A month before the event we directed and produced a short film-congratulation from the heads of company units in the style of the works of Guy Ritchie.

In Welcome zone participants were met by hostesses and presenter in the image of a gallant steward of a closed club, who got acquainted with the guests, took a mini-interview, and distributed fan-bills. The entertainment program was opened by master classes on the creation of hats and brooches, New Year's predictions, magic tricks and the delicate work of the silhouette artist.

In Gambling zone guests could multiply their «money», thanks to the rates in the whiskey-casino, the wheel of Fortune, the attraction «Flying Money» (a transparent cubicle with a fan-money inside) and mouse races. Professional torsedor in front of the guests made real Kuban cigars, which could be tasted right on the spot!

The highlight of the program was video of horse racing, which includes three races. The guests at their tables were divided into teams and had already made their bets.
Then guests could participate in the auction «Black Box» with the main prize, as well as in an auction for several additional prizes.

Headliner of the evening was the most New Year's Russian music group - «Diskoteka Avaria».