Series of presentations




more than 1 000

Presentation of new car models in one of the Moscow Dealership centers was planned on summer, when the world is full of colors and everyone has a just desire - to embrace it all, in all the immensity and breadth, admire its beauties and solve riddles!

Vastnesses and landscapes, natural and industrial, inspired us to create an extraordinary photo gallery. Here every guest could enjoy the exquisite design of their favorite cars, inscribed in the beauty of the summer, and get to know the models and their functionality. The concept of photography and the signature to it exhaustively answered all questions.

Several days before the event promoters distributed invitation tickets near The Dealership Center. Everyone could feel the hot prices of this summer! Near the entrance of the center gigantic dancing airman drew the attention of the guests. Interior was decorated with photos of cars, branded products and branded balloons. Colorful pointers made the navigation in the space much easier, helping guests to visit all thematic zones.

The presenter and friendly hostesses treated the guest with summer gifts - fruit and berry baskets in their hands were filled with different delicacies! Every guest could enjoy the photo gallery with a glass of champagne or a fresh, take part in test drive, competitions (for example, the competition «Park the car») and quiz on knowledge of facts about different car models, and, also, to participate in culinary master classes and immediately try delicious snacks.

DJ’s nice music accompanied the event. The youngest guests received a soft teddy bear in a T-shirt in the company's logo as a gift.