Sport event


Moscow Region


2 500

In 2012 our company was entrusted with organizing a grandiose family sporting event, as well as a friendly football match between the teams of the main airlines of our country.
For such an impressive event, the Zorky stadium in Moscow region, Krasnogorsk was chosen, whose huge territory and infrastructure are perfectly suited for competitions and entertainment events of this scale.

Known since the ancient times, the Olympic Games became an ideal theme for the organization of sports recreation for the whole family of companies’ employees, as well as their business partners. In this well-recognized Greek style, we designed a unique emblem of the event, thematically decorated the territory of the sports complex and made memorable souvenirs. And in order for each participant to feel himself a part of a team, the flag-bearers of each department carried their own flag.

After the procession, teams managed to realize their sports ambitions in running for different distances, football, volleyball, arm-wrestling, cycle race, long jump and other Olympic and modern sports.

Supporters also did not have time for boredom. Guests of all ages could measure their strength and athletic skills by climbing the wall, playing table football and tennis, zorbing, throwing Frisbee, playing baseball, aiming archery and crossbow and even peeling potatoes for speed!

In order to ensure that everyone, including the smallest participants, did not lose the excitement, in the intervals between the competitions, there were fascinating master classes in drawing, dancing and inflating soap bubbles. The musical cover band and the show of the drummers created the atmosphere of the whole event.

In the end of the competitions and football match, the teams received sports cups, medals and diplomas. The sports day ended with a tremendous gala concert in the open air.