«The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus»


Moscow region



The imaginarium is an amazing and blinding world of exotic fantasies, inhabited by creatures that can only be found in the human imagination. On 20th anniversary of one of international corporation employees appeared through the looking glass, where everything that they met on the way, could only be known by dreaming!

Program was realized in the rest house «Pokrovskoe», the territory of which was all decorated with vivid fantastic elements. By the entrance of the fantasy country of dreams guests were welcomed by creatures on the stilts, circus performers and entertainer.

Before the official start of the program there were several entertaining zones for guests -Imaginarium Traps. For example, «The candy world»: feeling of childhood, the temptation of sweets, giant candies, chocolate mountains and eternal cuds! It was impossible to stop! Guests needed to try very hard to continue walking further, and not staying there in the company of outlandish inhabitants of the Imaginarium.

During the 5-days-event in addition to business events, breathtaking events, including the gala dinner with fantastic decor and show program were waiting for participants. The show program included laser show with enchanting decorations, freak show of unknown inhabitants of mysterious worlds and spectacular final - paper show!