Presentation of the book





April 10 in The Limiere brothers center for photography, that located on the territory of modern art space «Krasny Octiabr», the presentation of the book by Bjarte Bogsnes, one of the world's leading experts in the field of finance and personnel management, was held.

The event was attended by employees and clients of an international consulting company.  In welcome zone, guests could enjoy the unique retrospective exhibition of the photographer M. Markov-Grinberg:150 the most famous photographs about the Soviet era, which are included in all encyclopedias and textbooks on national photography.

Bjarte Bogsnes himself welcomed guests in the Lecture hall. He told about the advanced concept «Beyond Budgeting», shared his practical experience of implementing this concept and answered questions that interested the guests. After the presentation, all guests received a copy of the book and the opportunity to share their impressions with others during the buffet, accompanied by a lounge music.