Siam Kingdom


Thailand, Phatthaya



Phatthaya is the unique city: quiet little village managed to turn into noisy and colorful touristic center, which bustling at any time any day of the year. This city of the most popular exotic country, Thailand, became the place where the top management of a pharmaceutical company went for a truly unforgettable vacation. Fantastic nature of Siam as well as rich cultural and historical heritage of this amazing country every year attract more and more tourists from all over the world. Here you can find famous Buddhist temples, gorgeous palaces, interesting museums, numerous parks and gardens, terrific beaches, stunningly beautiful coral reefs and much, much more.

The hotel base of Thailand is extremely diverse: from luxurious complexes to eco-bungalows. Modern hotel Mövenpick Siam Pattaya, where our travelers staid in, is famous for its panoramic sea view, own beach, pool in the form of lagoon with a picturesque fountain. This hotel suggests its guests quiet leisure holiday far from city bustle.

The day after the arrival, our group went from the pier of Bali Hai to the Island of Monkeys (Ko Klet Kaeo) in the Gulf of Siam to make interesting photos and feed monkeys. Then tourists got acquainted with the unique nature of the uninhabited island of Koh Rin - perfect place for snorkeling and diving. It is believed that there are spirits for which small dwellings are built on the left side of the island. Here you can wander around the mysterious island and a small forest, admire incredibly beautiful and picturesque rocks as well as watch the life of the monitor lizards, red lizards Tuke and other creatures. The return journey and free time were filled with an incendiary foam disco on the deck of the ship.

On the third day tourists went to see the most popular sightseeing in Bangkok, The Grand palace.
The palace covers an area of 218 thousand square meters, consists of several buildings, 95 pagodas and is surrounded by four walls 2 km long. the majestic ensemble of the 18th century hasn't been the residence of the royal family for a long time, although several days a year the ceremonies with their participation are held in the palace.