«4 Elements»


Moscow, «MOD»



In the distant 1988 the first representative office of the world's leading automation technology provider was opened in Moscow. After 25 years, it is a huge trust which includes dozens of activities and has units all over the world. Among the achievements of this giant: establishment of the processes of automatic production and mineral extraction, water purification, creation of systems for the safe transportation of gas ...There is no element that is not learned by them and tamed for the public good. That’s why we suggested them the «4 Elements» concept, metaphorically conveying the full scale of their titanic work, for celebrating a quarter of a century of successful work.

The event started with a creative presentation of the company's achievements in the field of automation. During the day guests were getting acquainted with the exhibition products. On the special stands unique automated bionic devices (robots: jellyfish, dragonflies and even ants) were presented. Everything made it clear that nature and the surrounding world are the source of inspiration for their development. Together with the team of animator-scientists, spectators managed to see how science can become entertaining and fascinating. All comers were invited to participate in safe experiments with fire and nitrogen and apply their own colorful print to the key chain, consisting of «fire» colors - blue, orange, yellow, white, red.

All elements revealed their secrets at the strikingly technological and spectacular gala dinner. The «4 Elements» concept was realized in breathtaking decoration of the hall of «The center of modern design and innovations MOD» in Moscow: unusual decoration, entry group, Welcome and Banquet zones, unique floristics, as well as exclusive video recording and content for the show.

The fire element was embodied on the stage in the form of a laser show - an impressive and colorful performance in which the artist interacted a laser beam, refracted it, and in the end "painted" on the screen a company logo and a figure of 25.

The element of the earth was personified by the «contact juggling». Every day we unthinkingly contact with the earth, rely on its facilities, and all this process of our interaction is mutual – the more we care about nature, the easier it responds to us with reciprocity. Jugglers perfectly conveyed this idea, making the audience to applaud!

Water is the source of all flesh. Technologies helps to preserve water resources and use it into the right direction! The number «NEW OPERA» represented the water element. The voice flowed like a living stream, controlled by man, then quiet, then again gaining strength and fullness.

Air is the embodiment of the intelligence, of the spirit. Inspired by it, driven by the power of the air, this company changes the world for the better. This idea we realized by the "Air show" and the flight of the bionic dragonfly. With ease and grace, the artists soared to the very top of the stage, and the dragonfly suddenly began to move, as if it was alive!

Fire, Earth, Water, Air – four elements, on which our world is built. Each of these elements has its own spirit, its unique energy. Jubilee is the fifth element, united in itself four natural elements and has been working for a quarter of a century on Russian market!

The festive event ended with a specially created cake, excellent jazz music and a disco.