«Music Fest»


Moscow Region



15th anniversary of the group of construction companies, and at the same time – The Builders' Day, turned into a colorful music festival. Music is the High Art, that unites people for building joint plans and victories. And in that day to the melody of the company employees celebrated their professional holiday at the «MUSIC FEST».

Good music, garish decorations, positive atmosphere, freedom of the creativity and communication. «15 years in unison!»- that means 15 years of coordinated successful work of real professionals.

The logo of the event symbolized the connection between two types of high art - music and construction.

Giant balloons and decorative letters in the form of company name greeted the guests at the very entrance of the place. Guests could also make photos in front of the big press wall, using the building props.

To the festive music presenter invited all guests to take part in different master classes, including the master class on making cocktails of seven components, where every component was named after one of the seven musical notes, and a master class on creating ice cream in corporate colors.

To the well-known song of Irina Allegrova «Happy Birthday» employees congratulated the group of construction companies and each other with 15th anniversary by shooting a music video in LIPDUB technique. After the shooting, the concert began. Cover bands performed the favorite hits on the stage. The scientific and experimental zone started working.

For those who prefer an active rest, such entertainments as, for example, riding on Segway and sport completions, encouraged by dynamic dancing of the support group, were organized. For those wishing to relax and sunbathe there were comfortable sun loungers by the cool pool and soft beanbag chairs.

Watching the video, which was shooting during the day, and singing the «Happy Birthday» song together with Yaroslav Dronov, the participant of «The Voice», marked the beginning of the evening program. And right after the rehearsal, the guests of the evening heard «Our young funny voices» - the hit of the rock band «Nogu svelo», performed by the permanent vocalist Maxim Pokrovsky and other songs. This bright summer day ended with a disco.